The Most Energy Efficient Wood Cladding Solution Available


APROWOOD delivers an organic architectural statement with our exterior wood panel cladding. The AW 150 Shiplap cladding system combines the natural beauty of wood with the capabilities of aluminum. APROWOOD has innovated the architectural industry with aluminum wall cladding systems made to look like wood but function like aluminum. Not only is it easier to use than wood, but it also safer, stronger, and greener.

Premier Wood Cladding

Wood panels are the best architectural solution for the structure of any building, whether it be for a home, apartment complex, or commercial building. APROWOOD cladding systems combine modern technology with enhanced durability and aesthetically pleasing designs to create gorgeous exteriors that were built to last. We offer APROWOOD in a number of finishes and colors to fit the design of your building’s design.

Not only are our aluminum wood like cladding systems beautiful to look at, they’re also:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Wood Like
  • Easy To Install

Simplified Wood Cladding System Installation

APROWOOD cladding systems are customizable and easy to install. The shiplap panels slide right into place and are secured in place by friction. Ultimately eliminating the need for screws, rivets, and caulking. Minimizing the number of pieces involved in the installation process leads to cheaper and simple installation projects from start to finish.

The system is also inherently green. As it is made of aluminum, the APROWOOD cladding system is 100% recyclable.


The natural wood grain and solid colors we provide have been matched to meet APROWOOD’s production standards. To avoid any degree of color variation, we recommend using the production line prepared samples for final color and approval. That way, you get the color you want.

At APROWOOD, we provide the most advanced, durable, and chemical resistant natural wood grain and solid colors available. With APROWOOD’s solid cladding systems, you save time and money while contributing to green building for a better future.