Wood Grain Finishes

Ageless, Classic, Natural Wood Grain Beauty Coated Utilizing QUALICOAT Technology


AW 3181

Gold Oak

AW 5131


AW 9111

Dark Walnut

AW 7163

Afromozya Teak

AW 93093

Light Walnut

AW 9310

Light Wenge

AW 9396


AW 9405


AW 9510

Dark Oak

AW 9391


AW 2522


AW 7161


All of our natural wood grain colors are lifelike in quality. These wood grain panels are specifically designed to look as if they were real wood. In addition to the standard wood grain color chart, APROWOOD can be coated with your desired color for special projects. The wood grain colors provided in the chart above are closely related to production standards, especially when exposed to daylight conditions.

Due to the coloring and grain coating process, variances in hue can and does occur from batch to batch in industry tolerances. Therefore, a small degree of color variation may be present in the finished product. Please consider this when ordering for large-scale projects to ensure that a sufficient amount of materials from the batch is available.


We Recommend Using Production Line Prepared Samples For Final Color Selection Approval

APROWOOD supplies all materials for same-batch orders, significantly reducing possible batch variations. APROWOOD’s natural wood grain wall cladding system combines architectural design aesthetics with practical construction advantages that benefit the environment on a daily basis.

Woodgrain wall cladding is easy to install without the use of bolts, rivets, or caulking. The result is a perfect, natural wood grain finish wall cladding system that exceeds any architectural expectations.



The natural wood grain and solid colors we provide have been matched to meet APROWOOD’s production standards. To avoid any degree of color variation, we recommend using the production line prepared samples for final color and approval. That way, you get the color you want.

At APROWOOD, we provide the most advanced, durable, and chemical resistant natural wood grain and solid colors available. With APROWOOD’s solid cladding systems, you save time and money while contributing to green building for a better future.