APROWOOD is the premier provider of wood grain cladding solutions in Chicago. Woodgrain ACM panels from APROWOOD provide a unique and timeless look to buildings of any size or structure. Our wood grain ACM panels provide warmth, beauty, and unmatched longevity to the structure of any building. Additionally, our wood grain cladding panels are available in a number of different patterns and finishes that look one-of-a-kind. Our durable wood cladding systems are offered in a variety of solid colors that make them perfect for construction jobs of any kind. Not only is APROWOOD much easier to utilize than standard wood, but it’s safer, stronger, and greener. Experience the beauty of wood with the function, durability, and longevity of aluminum when you choose APROWOOD. 

Wood Grain Cladding Systems In Chicago 

Are you looking for the top provider of wood grain cladding systems in Chicago and the surrounding areas? APROWOOD is the premier choice. Our aluminum wood cladding systems are incredibly easy to deploy in new construction and renovation alike. Woodgrain ACM panels are durable and built to last against any weather that the Windy City of Chicago throws their way. Once APROWOOD wood cladding systems are installed, they require no maintenance. The product is entirely recyclable, and 100% noncombustible. This makes it not only a green construction option but a safe one. We’re Chicago’s number one choice for forward-thinking and green construction solutions. 

Choose Chicago’s Number One Provider Of Wood Cladding Systems 

Are you looking to give your next construction project a unique look and feel? Consider wood cladding systems from APROWOOD. We’re Chicago’s number one provider of wood grain ACM panels and wood cladding systems. We offer wood-like aluminum panels that are of the utmost quality, and perfect for construction jobs of any size or scale. Want to learn more about Chicago wood ACMP panels? Give us a call at 1 (888) 520-8800 or contact us online to learn more about APROWOOD. 


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