Wood Grain Finishes

APROWOOD offers wood grain wall cladding that provides a timeless and modern appeal to any building. Wood-look aluminum wall cladding gives your building the look of natural grain wood without the hassle and cost of real timber. APROWOOD affords you the ability to provide your next construction project with a one-of-a-kind wood grain appearance that includes the proven durability of aluminum.


AW 3181

Gold Oak

AW 5131


AW 9111

Dark Walnut

AW 7163

Afromozya Teak

AW 93093

Light Walnut

AW 9310

Light Wenge

AW 9396


AW 9405


AW 9510

Dark Oak

AW 9391


AW 2522


AW 7161

Solid Color Finishes

For those looking to give their next construction project a more traditional look, APROWOOD offers our cladding systems in several elegant and vivid solid colors. We reimagined our aluminum wood panel system to benefit those looking for a more straightforward architectural solution with a timeless aesthetic.

Coated using QUALICOAT technology, APROWOOD is ageless. In addition to the standard color chart, APROWOOD can be coated with the desired color for special projects. Our solid-colored wall panels are lightweight, and incredibly durable, just like our wood-like wall cladding panels.


AWS 616


AWS 617


AWS 620


AWS 625


AWS 906


AWS 913


AWS 935


AWS 939


AWS 967

Light And Smart

APROWOOD is an innovative light-weight product, only 1.43 pounds per square foot, made of 100-percent aluminum extrusions, making it a curtain wall made of very strong metal with a high tensile strength range perfect for cold-weather locales. APROWOOD is available with a natural wood grain look or solid color finish.

APROWOOD’s wall cladding systems are an innovative addition to the world of construction, with applications on the interior and exterior of buildings. Our cladding systems eliminate the need to use rivets or caulking during the construction process. Ultimately, this leads to a more affordable and more manageable installation from start to finish.

Non-Combustible and 100% Recyclable

APROWOOD is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Additionally, our cladding system is a green construction solution. Our wall cladding systems are made of aluminum, which is 100-percent recyclable and non-combustible. Enjoy a safer and greener construction solution with APROWOOD’s aluminum wood-style grain and solid color wall cladding systems.


View our gallery to show our projects, capabilities, and some honorable mentions in the architects & contractors community. View the stunning design work completed on projects across the globe with APROWOOD.


The natural wood grain and solid colors we provide have been matched to meet APROWOOD’s production standards. To avoid any degree of color variation, we recommend using the production line prepared samples for final color and approval. That way, you get the color you want.

At APROWOOD, we provide the most advanced, durable, and chemical resistant natural wood grain and solid colors available. With APROWOOD’s solid cladding systems, you save time and money while contributing to green building for a better future.